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The gourmet restaurant
of l'Auberge de ROchehaut :
L'Epi d'or

In this restaurant, situated at the rear of the old family farm that has become the Auberge, you can sample the culinary skills of the “chef” Michel Boreux and his team. All the dishes are served with finesse by the friendly staff overseen by his wife, Patricia.

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restaurant gastronomique de l'Auberge de la Ferme

The restaurant consists of three dining rooms, each with its own manager: one seats 40 to 50 guests, one takes 20 guests (this is where the hot and cold breakfast buffets are served) and a third dining room has a capacity of 50 to 60 guests (ideal for small family celebrations due to its view and access to the gardens). One, two or all three of the dining rooms may be open, according to demand.
These dining rooms, which are moderately sized and decorated in Ardennes style, offer a real feeling of intimacy.
Just in front of the restaurant are the lounge areas where guests can sit comfortably and enjoy an aperitif, a coffee or an after-dinner liqueur. The wine cellar and wine tasting vault were constructed below the restaurant and it is here that tens of thousands of bottles of wine are maturing to ensure that the dishes are complemented with the perfect wine.

Our traditional taverne with local products  :
La taverne de rochehaut

" La taverne de Rochehaut” is located in a building that was renovated in the year 2000. With its spacious terrace and numerous tables, it offers the type of regional specialities that are found in a local “brasserie de terroir”.

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Brasserie de l'Auberge de la Ferme

In contrast to the Auberge, there are no lounge areas here and the cuisine is intended to be simpler, but no less delicious. It’s the perfect place to have a light meal even though, as regular customers know, there is no lack of quantity!
The restaurant is situated in the centre of the village, on the road leading to the panoramic viewpoint; it attracts a large number of customers who are passing through the area, as well as plenty of regular customers who book tables there and customers from the Auberge.

The grill restaurant of "la Brasserie de Rochehaut"
L'angus Grill

The angus grill, a brasserie dedicated to grilling ... And the tasting of different beers brewed on site by Arnaud Boreux.
The cafeteria at the Brasserie de Rochehaut and the Agri-Musée is the place to have a drink while waiting for a visit to the agri-museum or the brewery.
It offers an original setting and an opportunity to eat, the weekend at first.

La grange de l'Agri-Musée

It is also the ideal place for groups, children from schools to 3x20 years or more ... A room for banquets and events of all kinds ... A seminar room of very large capacity! To complement the possibilities offered to companies to organize their seminars in the best conditions, the brewery room is equipped with a professional sound system. In addition to a breathtaking view of the valley, the animal park and the playground, this room offers admire the brewery with its production and bottling areas in the basement.Below the large terrace, takes place "Le P'tit Parc-loisirs" consists of a playground and a farm for children. Accessible by a walkway from the brewery hall, children never leave the enclosed and secure space.